Reformed Presbyterian History Archives

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A Call to National Repentance
Aim of the Distinctive Principles of the Covenanter Church
Alternative in the Church-State Problem
America for Christ
American Academy
American Academy for Girls
An Explanatory Declaration
Answers to Common Objections to the Proposed Christian Amendment (shorter version)
Answers to Common Objections to the Proposed Christian Amendment (larger version)
Appeasing or Opposing Organized Secrecy
Ashamed of the Tents of Shem
At Seventeen
Atheism and New Age Mysticism vs. Biblical Christianity
The Attitude of Protest, The Attitude of Power
The Bible Doctrine of the Separated Life
Bible Mastery Month
Brief History of Our Mission in Cyprus
A Brief History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church
Common Objections Answered (Witness Committee)
A Call to National Repentance (Witness Committee)
A Call to National Repentance (RPCNA Board of Education and Publication)
A Call to National Repentance (James M. Coleman)
Can a Person be Scientific and be a Christian?
A Catechism for Covenanter Children
Caesar or Christ?
Christ in the Psalms
Christ Jesus Lord of Nations
Christ the Witness
A Christian Action Manifesto
Christian Amendment Movement
The Christian Amendment to the United States Constitution
The Christian and Education
The Christian Citizenship Pledge
Christian Education for Christian Youth
Christian Missions and the Civil Magistrate in the Far East (J.G. Vos)
The Christian Sabbath
Christian Worship (Gene W. Spear)
"Christ's" or Separation from Christless Governments
The Church of Rome
The Church of the Covenanters (Reformed Presbyterian)
To The Church of the Covenants
The Church Versus the Lodge
The Church's Perfect Hymn Book
Circular No. 2
The City America Could Build...
Civil Rulers and the People
Close Communion
The Collapse of Civilization
The Communion Cup
A Condensed Argument for the Exclusive Use of Inspired Psalmody
Our Confession of Sin
The Constitution and By-Laws of the Covenanter Young People's Union (Pittsburgh Presbytery, RPCNA)
Covenant Family Home Training Guide
Covenant of Church Membership Study Guide
Covenant Recollections
The Covenanter Budget, 1923-1926
Covenanter Crusade
Covenanter Evangelism
Daily Bible Reader 1
Daily Bible Reader 2
Daily Bible Reader 3
The Deacon Meeting at Covenant Ridge
The Deacon's Tenth
Dear Elder, An Open Letter on Alcohol and Abstinence
Devotional Helps
Does the Constitution of the U.S. Disfranchise Christians?
The Economic Ideal of the Word of God
Eight Decades in Syria (A.J. McFarland)
The End of The Ages
Escape to Nowhere: Drug Dependence
The Evangelism Proven Most Effective for Us
The Every Member Canvas
The Excellence of the Psalms
Explanatory Declaration
Faith in and into Higher Education
Faith of our Founding Fathers
The Faith that is in Them
Financial Pointers for Church Members
Foreign Missions of North America
Forty Years in Our China Mission
A Forward Movement Stimulant
Foundational Concepts of Christian Education, 1967
Free Masonry as a Religion
Freedom to Worship God
From Seventh to First
From Vegas Mobster to Gospel Preacher
Girouard vs. USA, US Supreme Court Case
God, Man and Religion
God's System of Finance
The Gospel of the Kingdom
The Grinnell Affirmation
Handbook for Young Christians
He Careth For You
A Brief History of the Work of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the Island of Cyprus
A History of the Covenanter Church in Northern Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
How Does the Church Establish the Requirements of the Bible for Church Membership (R.W. Caskey and G.M. Robb)
How Much for my Saviour's Interests?
How to Stop the AIDS Epidemic
How to Tithe and Why (by a Layman)
I am a Covenanter
I Pledge Allegiance
The Influence of the Government on Religion
The Influence of Politics on Religion
Instrumental Music: A Corruption of New Testament Worship
Instrumental Music in the Worship of God
The International Missionary Council
Internment (McCracken) and From Manchoukuo to Manhattan (Huston)
Is Christ in the Psalms?
Is Jesus King?
Is the Constitution of the United States Christian?
Is the Reformed Presbyterian Church an Evangelistic Church?
Is the World Prepared for the Field of Armageddon?
It is Time to Seek the Lord
Jesus Christ Opposed to Organized Secrecy
Junior Merit Program
The Killing Times
The Kingdom of Christ and God
A Lecture on the Revised Version of the New Testament
Let the Redeemed of the Lord SAY SO!
The Little Primer
Lodge Burial Services
Looking for Love?
Manchurian Meditations 1934
R.P. Manual of Doctrine of the RPCNA, 1912
Manual of the Board of Foreign Missions, 1918
Manual of the Board of Foreign Missions, 1951
A Manual of Interchurch Relations for the RPCNA (1999)
A Manual of Interchurch Relations for the RPCNA (2006)
Memory Work for Bible Schools, Nursery through Junior High
A Misunderstood Church
Modern Idolatry
Mormonism Revealed by Government Investigation
Musical Instruments in Divine Worship
My Greatest Hour
My Husband Was an Alcoholic
My Political Platform "Thy Kingdom Come"
The Nature and Meaning of the Lord's Supper
The New England Primer
Report of the New York Convention, National Reform Association
The Newest Wave in Christian Thought
Nicknaming the Sabbath
The Oath, the Bond of Civil Society
The Offense of the Cross
The Office of Elder
On Psalmody
One Hundred Questions on Stewardship
Our Banner Blue
Our Calvinistic Faith, the Religion for a World Crisis
Our Country Right or Wrong?
Our System of Public Education, is it Christian or Secular?
Our Mission in Manchuria
Our Mission in South China
Our Unique Constitution - Let's Make It Better
Outline Studies in the Covenant
Peace, Peace; when there is no Peace
Playing Indian - The Essential Unreality of Secret Societies
A Plea for the Old Church, or the Reformed Presbyterian Among the Churches
Points to Ponder
Political Platform of the Reformed Presbyterian (Covenanter) Church
Political Principles of the Covenanters
The Poor Oppressed
The Powers that Be
Preparation for the Gospel Ministry
President Lincoln on National Sin and National Repentance
The Present Kingdom of Christ vs. The Mistakes of the Scofield Bible
Principles of the Reformed Presbyterian Church
The Problem of Alcoholism
Problems Related to Christian Civil Government
The Proposed Christian Amendment
Proposed Form of Covenant
Psalm Singing Revisited
Psalmody (Fullerton)
Psalmody (George)
The Psalms, a Means to the Spirit-filled Life
The Psalms, God's Authorized Manual of Praise
Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs
The Psalms, The Heart of the Bible
A Question Book on Christian Stewardship
Reasons for Not Voting Under the Present Constitution of the United States
The Reason Why
A Brief History of the Reformation Translation Fellowship
The Reformed Presbyterian Catechism
Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America
Manual of Doctrine of the Reformed Presbyterian Church (1949)
The Religious Character of the National Reform Movement
Report to the Committee on the Oath of the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church
The Responsibility of the Church in the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
Ringing Words About Seeking the Lost
The Reformed Presbyterian Catechism
The Rule of God's Worship
Saving Christians from Secret Societies
Scotland through her Character Windows
Scriptural Revelation and the Evolutionary World View
A Search-Light Thrown on the Covenanter Budget (1920-21)
The Second Coming of Christ
Separation or Compromise, Which?
A Sergeant Enlightens a Chaplain
Sermon Note Sheets
From Seventh to First (Sabbath)
An Address: Shall We Condemn the Aggravated Guilt of this Nation?
Short Studies for Covenanter Sabbath Schools
Should a Christian Vote under the Present Constitution of the United States?
Should not Church and State Cooperate?
Sin versus Victory
The Singing of Psalms in the Worship of God
Sinners Unwilling to Come to Christ (Cameron) and Formality not Christianity (McCheyne)
Sins Among Christians that Hinder Revival
Six Great Certainties
The Social and Economic Responsibility of the Visible Church
The State and the Kingdom
Story Bible Reader
Strengthen America's Foundations
Studies in Christian Citizenship
Study in Standards
Supplemental Studies for Covenanter Sabbath Schools
Surrender to Evolution: Inevitable or Inexcusable
Take Heed to Thyself
Ten Reasons Why I Would not Join a Secret Society
Ten Reasons: Being a Statement Why Christians Cannot Fellowship with Mormons
Ten Times Ten
Tercentenary Commemoration of the National Covenant of Scotland
Tercentenary Handbook of Convention of Covenanters
Testimony Bearing
The Testimony of the Church Respecting Military Associations, etc
The Testimony of the Church
That Strange Covenanter Conviction
The Excellence of the Psalms
The Lord's Mission Miracle in China
Then and Now
This Is a Christian Nation
Total Abstinence: Is it Biblical?
True Blue
The Universal Conversion of the World
Victory through Prayer
The Visible Church: Its Nature, Unity and Witness
The Voice of the Ages against Instrumental Music in Worship
The "Vow #8 Impasse" in the RPCNA
The Wave of Unbelief
The RPCNA: An Introduction
The Westminster Shorter Catechism and an Analysis
What About Instruments in Worship?
What Covenanters Stand For
What does the Bible say about Homosexuality?
What Hymn?
What in the World is God doing?
What is Christian Education?
What is Moderation?
What is Your Percentage?
What makes you a Mason?
What Price Co-operation?
What Shall I Do?
What to do about Sunday Shows and Movies
What Voting under an Unchristian Constitution Involves
What We Believe
What's With Wine
Where Does Our Synod's Budget Money Go?
Who We Are
Why Believe?
Why Covenanters Do Not Vote (Acheson)
Why Covenanters Do Not Vote (Acheson, pt 2)
Why Christians Should Not Vote Under the Present Constitution
Why I am a Covenanter
Why I am Glad to be a Covenanter Minister
Why no Instruments?
Why no Organ?
Why Psalms?
Why We Sing Psalms
Will We Elect to Perish?
Wilt Thou Not Revive Us Again?
Winning Men to Christ and the Covenanter Church
You Cannot Escape from God
The Young People's Hour
The Young People's Manual
Your Introduction to the CYPU Staff
Baptism, its subjects and modes,J.G. Vos.pdf
Christ Before the Court of Public Opinion.pdf
Coddled Octopus.pdf
Constitution of the Union Anti-Slavery Society,1838.pdf
Giving in the Church, Quigley, Andrew.pdf
Greek Church Baptism, F.M. Foster.pdf
Guide to Private Social Worship.pdf
Infant Baptism in the Light of Scripture, Leahy, Frederick.pdf
Parables of the Kingdom.pdf
Psychology of the Social redemption, J.M. Coleman.pdf
R.P. Manual of Doctrine, 1949 edition.pdf
Richard Cameron-The Godly Covenanter.pdf
Separated Life, Vos, J.G..pdf
Spiritual View of the World.pdf
To Parents, a Booklet on Baptism.pdf
Would the apostle Paul be Headmaster of the Cyprus Academies,F.M. Foster.pdf